We're specialized foodies here, and long experienced.
My name is Maurizio Lodi and, with the help of Laura Cereda , assistents , and our freelance food stylists and collaborators , produce images for magazines, cook books, advertising , packaging, catalogues, web...
We work on food both at studio and location.
Postproduction and retouching are worked internally and styling is available.
Many people may work on our projects but sure a food stylist will do: we're working with the best professionals in Italy.
UBIK is at the center of Milano, is 150mq wide for shooting area, digital editing, kitchen and props depot.
UBIK is a novel by Philip Dick , also.

All rights reserved.  
All material published  is copyrighted by © UBIK Maurizio Lodi. 
Most of the photos are for the exclusive use of the firm's clients and is not available for sharing and cannot be used by anyone, without prior consent. 
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